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Deck Lighting: 5 Ideas to Revamp Your Outdoor Space 

Decks are an extension of your home: they expand your living space to the outdoors and provide the potential for modern hosting celebrations all while improving your property’s value.

While house gatherings will never disappear, rustic functions are trending.

No matter how extravagant or minimal your group is, moving your affair to an outdoor entertainment space will lighten the ambiance and give you an incredible canvas to transform.

The architecture of decks is increasingly extravagant; having a multi-level deck, wrap-around deck, or stone deck isn’t enough to highlight your property’s creativity or appearance.

For your deck to be an exhibit among your neighbours, you need to illustrate your creativity through artistic outlets like exotic art displays, a hot tub or spa area, premium outdoor furniture or best of all, illumination.

Landscape lighting is a simple and effective investment that encourages you to enjoy your home throughout the evening and into the night. Starting with your deck lighting can ease you into the transformation.

There is a lot to consider when adding light or additional illumination to your outdoor space: placement, fixtures, effects, colours, etc.

For deck placements, there are five main focal points you can highlight.

Stair and Step Deck Lighting

Stair and step lights add an element of safety and style.

With various designs, shapes, and sizes—you have a nice collection to browse through.

For a sleek appearance, under stair/step lights are an ideal choice. You don’t have to consider a fixture since it’s hidden under the rim.

Recessed Lights are a modern and customizable option for stairs/steps.

They mount into the risers to integrate seamlessly into your deck and provide a glow for easier wayfinding while highlighting the size of the steps.

Under-Table or Cabinet Deck Lighting

Outlining your cooking area with illumination increases elegance in a busy space.

Why have your guests distracted by a grill or cabinets, when they can be captivated by the luxurious dining space.

Under-table or cabinet illumination brings ease for a late-night charcuterie board and drinks meet-up. It’s a modern alternative to the popular string light trend or having table-top lamps.

When considering under-lighting designs, consider where you want the eye to focus on and what surfaces you want to mask.

Overhang Deck Lighting

Recessed lights aren’t only for stairways or steps, they can be used for your deck’s overhang.

Illumination on overhangs is conventional, plus it increases security.

This type of placement is fitting for a reading nook, the entryway, or if you have built-in storage.

There are plenty of fixtures that would compliment an overhang, it doesn’t have to be recessed lighting, some opt for extravagant string lights.

In-Floor Deck Lighting Designs

Be innovative with uplights: they can be placed in your deck’s garden or stone bed, along the conjoining rim of a deck and pool/spa area, or used to showcase trees/shrubs.

In-floor designs create dimension for minimalistic decks or can compliment eccentric flares; they're very versatile.

To seclude your outdoor space and create a more intimate atmosphere, place uplights along the outline of your deck.

Pairing in-floor lighting with stair lights can create a cohesive design. Incorporating one without the other can leave emptiness to your concept.

Deck Lighting Rail Enhancements

Deck railing is where you can experiment with fixtures.

Having a bright under-rail glow can emphasize a modern scheme, especially if your deck is stone or has hardscape accents.

Simplicity compliments maximalism. Use post cap lights on your deck if your personality is already expressed through furniture and the layout.

They add a hint of brightness, help with navigation, but don’t overwhelm other illumination solutions.

Side mount lights offer diverse fixtures, giving you more creative freedom.

Transforming Your Deck Lighting with Design Specialists

Decks are a vital part of curb appeal and your property’s overall appearance.

Having an upscale home with low-grade landscape lighting can leave your property looking disjointed.

The team at Lightscapes, aren't just lighting experts; we’re design specialists and creative professionals.

Our goal is to install elegant lighting systems specifically tailored to your lifestyle.

Take a look at our past projects to see how innovative your deck lighting system can be.