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With over 20 years of experience, our award-winning design and installation team provides professional outdoor lighting solutions that add value and enhance the ambiance of your property into the evening hours, year round. Our team takes pride in implementing our creativity to design and install elegant lighting systems specifically tailored to your lifestyle.
Lightscapes’ success has been built on the strong relationships created with clients and the ongoing customer service we provide. Covering Southern Ontario, Lightscapes uses the art of illumination to create a naturally-balanced nightscape for you to enjoy. Using our experience and artistry, we will design a lighting system for you that showcases your home and landscape. Your property will come alive at night with its very own custom lightscape.
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Lightscapes offers the professional design and installation of LED landscape and architectural lighting.
We provide an array of stunning, state-of-the-art fixtures to enhance any detail of your property.
If you already have a lighting system, we can update fixtures and refresh the setup to accommodate any changes that have been made to your outdoor living space.


Transform Your Ontario Property & The Landscape’s Overall Look with Outdoor Lighting.

Outdoor lighting offers several unique benefits. It can be installed to boost safety by granting a clear view of walkways or used to strengthen security so any person on the property can be seen. Today’s LED lights intended for outdoor use can also be employed to add some colour! The light’s colour can be altered when desired or to illuminate something exceptional in the garden and urge guests to look closer. LED lights don’t draw in pests, so the lights are optimal for outdoor seating or dining.

Looking to Create a More Aesthetically Appealing Yard? Consider LED Lighting

Creating your dream yard requires a significant amount of time and effort, from determining what plants go where, which materials to use for walkways, and what the design for the patio or deck should be. When it gets dark, however, none of these finer touches can be seen without stunning lighting. LED lights are the perfect answer if you’re looking to establish a more alluring yard through the day or in the evening. You want to enjoy your landscaping and hard work, right?

Different Ways to Add LED Lights to a Garden

LED lights can be installed and styled throughout the garden to achieve a tailored look. You may want to blend a few choices to get the look you’re after. Some of the concepts you might want to consider are:
  • Walkways – Use pathway lights or in-ground lights to illuminate walkways around the garden. These lights provide safety and create a polished finish.
  • Spotlights – Larger spotlights can illuminate plenty of light for specified areas and highlight large trees or water features in your garden. Spotlights are also ideal for the front of your house or the garage.
  • String Lights – LED string lights can help any outdoor space feel and look more intimate. Homeowners hang these over their garden and across their yard, patio area or pool.
  • Hardscape – Illuminating hardscape brings out the natural features of your property. We highly recommend adding lights to your stone garden beds.
  • Uplights – Uplights are perfect for showing off your garden or nearby natural greenery like Sycamore trees.

Add Lights While Being Environmentally Friendly

While homeowners will adore the advantages of incorporating lights, wildlife might be impacted. Bright lights throughout the night can bewilder local wildlife and make it more challenging for them to locate food. However, LED lights are already energy efficient, and when installed accurately, the lights will have negligible influence on the local environment. It’s possible to illuminate the yard without upsetting local creatures; by using the proper bulbs and the correct colours. We're experts in design with consideration for wildlife and the environment.
The right lighting around a home can make a substantial difference in the evening. LED lighting delivers even more advantages–notably when local wildlife is in mind. If you’d like to transform the overall appearance of your landscape with outdoor lighting, work with Lightscapes.
We will create the dream lighting design for your property, keeping local wildlife, the environment, your energy bills, and other worries in mind. Feel free to contact Lightscapes anytime with LED lighting questions or to discuss a lighting system project.
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