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Lightscapes is owned and operated by Chris and Nick

We pride ourselves on being a part of the outdoor lighting transformation from start to finish, and we place a lot of value on creating strong relationships with our clients.
Outdoor lighting systems aren’t just a product or service we sell; we hear and discuss your vision for the property or outdoor space, we add in unique and expert ideas and recommendations, and then we recreate your vision while working collectively with you.
Seeing our clients' reactions to their new outdoor space is the highlight of our job. Typically, we’ll return to the property during the night to tweak the final changes and really pinpoint the light’s illumination. That’s when the project is truly finished and our clients can fully enjoy their outdoor space, as well as see the value in the extra security that lighting provides.
Our award-winning design and installation team is passionate about our outdoor lighting projects. Using exceptional products and providing immaculate service is the guarantee with Lightscapes.
We really enjoy the process and what we do. Check out our gallery, videos, and inspirational ideas on our website. It really enhances and clarifies what we do. Give us a call. Shoot us a message. We are happy to hear from you.


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