10 Reasons Why Your Outdoor Lighting Should Be LED

As outdoor lighting professionals, we exclusively use LED lighting for all of our landscape designs. When comparing the different illumination options, it was an easy choice to make.

Some products have similar benefits, but it’s rare to find another choice that hits all of the check marks as LED does.

With the recent development of LED technology and rapid demand, pricing has decreased substantially while reliability has increased.

If you’re still debating between incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent, etc., you won’t be after you read our top 10 reasons why you should be using LED lights for landscaping.

1. Energy Efficient

One of the most considerable differences between LED light bulbs and traditional lighting is energy efficiency.

Roughly 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light. The remaining 20% is lost and converted to other forms of energy such as heat.

When you look at traditional lighting, in most cases it’s the opposite. Only 20% of the energy is converted to illumination while 80% is lost.

Now, let’s think about it in terms of money.

Here is the scenario; you’re using a traditional lighting source and you receive a $100 electrical bill. A large portion of your bill is from heat production rather than illumination, roughly $80 worth.

When using LEDs, your bill will be closer to $20 with a tiny portion contributed to heat production.

Huge difference. Huge savings.

Worried about the brightness? Don’t be. LED’s output is 130-135 lumens per watt. They shine brighter while using less energy.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Everyone is concerned about the well-being of the environment. Everyone should be at least.

With recent reports stating we could cross the global warming level of 1.5°C in the next decades, we should all be very aware of our carbon footprint.

Reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third by making the switch to LED.

LED Lights are 100% recyclable, are toxic-free (goodbye mercury), and are extremely durable (goodbye wasteful replacements).

CFL’s, incandescent bulbs, etc., burn gases using filaments aka harmful chemicals like mercury. LEDs use PLED (polymer light-emitting diodes) or OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) aka no harsh chemicals.

Since they’re brighter, you don’t need as many bulbs/fixtures in a room. Since they’re durable, you have fewer trips to the store and less waste.

Both mean you’re saving money.

Ontario residents already pay an enormous amount in rent. Toronto’s 1BR apartment sits around $1,855 per month. Other Ontario cities run between $1,714 – $1,802.

The Canadian Real Estate Association expects a 21.8% increase in Ontario home prices. With a current average cost of $705, 649, that means the new average could be $859,533.

So, yes, saving on your electricity bill (and all other expenses) is important and makes an impact on your budget.

Plus, using less energy means less work for power plants and fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Production can even be compatible with solar or wind power sources.

3. Long Lifespan

LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours in some cases, but their average life is 50,000 hours. If you leave the light on for 8hours a day, it would take around 20 years before you’d have to replace the bulb.

Comparing bulb for bulb gives you a better idea of their lifespan. A standard lifespan of a LED MR16 is 25,000 to 35,000 hours. A typical MR16 halogen bulb lasts about 2,000 hours.

Instead of completely burning out, LEDs have the bonus of slowly emitting less illumination. Which is a nice warning.

You’re saving money, materials, time, and energy.

4. Durable & Reliable

Their long lifespan wouldn’t be a highlighting quality if the bulbs themselves weren’t durable.

When installing outdoor lighting, weather conditions are the first concern. Will the bulbs look amazing and will they withstand harsh climates?

If you’re working with LEDs, the answer is yes and yes.

They’re resistant to shocks, vibrations, and external impacts. Meaning, they can flourish in the rain, snow, freezing temperatures, exposure to the sun, and heat.

Along with weather conditions, they’re great for high-traffic areas. Since they are made with plastic materials, the bulbs are less likely to shatter.

Turning the lights on and off does not reduce their operational life expectancy, plus, they light up immediately.

5. Design Flexibility

When creating a lighting arrangement, you want it specific to your taste. Factors like colours, arrangements, and fixtures are all at play.

Lightscapes has created hundreds of different outdoor designs with a multitude of fixtures. LEDs are used in pathway lights, hardscape lights, submersible lights, etc.

Colour temperatures are not limited: warm white lights to cool white lights.

The lights can be dimmed and controlled.

Having control over the illumination gives you the power to create specific moods for specific times or events. This feature enhances the effects you’re trying to achieve.

For some, choosing the fixtures is the most enjoyable part of the design process. Thankfully LEDs are extremely versatile and shouldn’t cause hurdles.

6. Safe Alternative

The heat emitted from lights is often overlooked because it seems minimal.

In the extreme sense, lighting can cause fires, in the less extreme sense, it can cause discolouration of paint/furniture.

It also affects your A/C consumption, especially for commercial spaces.

Thankfully, LEDs generate a low amount of heat. You can run them for hours without any worry.

7. Low Voltage

LEDs are specifically amazing for outdoor and landscape use because they require a low voltage power supply.

Lights can easily be connected to an external solar-energy source, which is beneficial for remote or rural areas.

With the popularity of outdoor lighting arrangements for cottages, especially in Ontario areas, this is a huge advantage.

It’s another avoidable worry.

8. Pest Control

Any Ontario resident knows how brutal the winters can be. It’s an unanimous agreement that the warmer months should be taken advantage of.

Having an outdoor lighting system can entice you to leave your home and spend quality time in your yard or on your patio.

Unfortunately, a huge drawback to spending time outside is insects.

Hearing the annoying sound of buzzing and watching your friends slap away flies is a guaranteed way to kill a mood and move the party inside.

You’ve put so much effort into your outdoor space, take one more step and install LED lights.

Insects are specifically attracted to UV lights, which most LED lights do not emit.

It’s a very humane and sustainable method for pest control. There are no harsh sprays, no expensive repellent tools, and no friends waving their hands around, slapping mostly air.

Just a gorgeous outdoor space that’s lit perfectly.

9. High Quality

Lightscapes has created landscape displays with small to large budgets. No matter what the project is, we strive for the highest quality of design and illumination.

To achieve such quality, we need a light source that can be manipulated as well as project a strong, stable light.

LEDs turn on instantly, plus, they are brighter than other bulbs.

Since they emit light in one direction (rather than all around), it’s easier to strategically place them for illumination effects.

Using bulbs that emit light 360 degrees means wasted energy and a chance of creating shadows or having unclean edges.

10. Retrofitting

The professional design team at Lightscapes are experts in creating custom outdoor lighting solutions for all properties.

Our team are specialists in upgrading current lighting systems as well.

LED retrofits are increasingly popular, luckily LEDs are compatible with most standard fixtures.

If you want a dimming effect, you will need to purchase a separate dimmer/appropriate technology.

All and all, it’s a smooth transition from an outdated system to a new, energy-efficient and money-saving system.

It’s a hard investment to turn down, right?

LED Outdoor Lighting Systems

LED lights are a leading illumination source. They are better for the environment, have a higher quality of light, and they’re low maintenance.

What could be a better fit for outside entertainment spaces?

Partnering with a professional design/installation team can only further the appeal.

If you’re ready to transform your current system to a sustainable one, or if you’re looking for a fresh, custom arrangement—contact Lighscapes for a hassle-free quote.

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