3 Reasons to Include LED Driveway Lights in a Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting is a prestigious lighting solution: it increases property value, enhances security, and creates ostentatiousness.

A lighting system should use the art of illumination to create a naturally-balanced nightscape.

Some homeowners choose to focus on their garden lights, patio area, or light fixtures for general security, but the driveway is the opening statement to your property.

Therefore, LED driveway lights should be thought of accordingly.

1. Driveway Lights Offer Security

The driveway lights are a part of the security system. These bright lights allow for visibility at night and provide some degree of protection to your home.

Granted that you have a long, winding driveway, which a lot of us do in Southern Ontario, it can be difficult to navigate the subtle twirls and notice wildlife during the evening. Especially in the winter months.

Having illumination to guide you and offer visibility, is one less matter to worry about.

Also, driveways with lighted gates will be more visible than those without, which deters burglars or wandering pedestrians.

2. LED Driveway Lights Improve Appearance

Seamlessly integrate driveway lighting with the overall appearance of your home and/or current outdoor lighting design, with the help of Lightscapes.

Lightscapes’s award-winning design team will comfort you throughout the process and can be as hands-on as needed.

There is a whole market for LED light fixtures.

You can choose custom or personalized fixtures or shop at one of the hundred lighting retailers. Whether your preference is sleek, modern, abstract, etc., we will ensure your vision comes to life.

Just as importantly, we will guarantee a more beautiful and safe entrance to your property.

3. LED Lights are Long Lasting & Weather Resistant

Southern Ontario has distinct seasons and can be considered a harsh climate.

The summers are infamously humid, heavy rainfall is common during spring, and the winter months can bring tundra conditions.

Residents can adjust and utilize protective measures, but we must consider what our homes and accessories are bearing.

Investing in driveway lights that are not LED, could lead to high maintenance fees.

LED lights are extremely durable and can withstand harsh rain, wind, heat, and even some flooding. They’re even resistant to shocks, vibrations, and external impacts.

Since they are made with plastic materials, the bulbs are less likely to shatter.

It’s safe to say, they’re Southern Ontario approved.

4 Common Driveway Light Fixtures

1. Inground Uplighters

In-ground lighting is popular because a below-ground fixture is less likely to get damaged from foot or auto traffic as well as lawn care.

2. LED Flood Light

LED flood lights are highly powered and can be used to light large areas because they have a wide-angle.

3. Bollards Lights

Bollard lights help direct guests and traffic. They are typically used at the beginning/end of a pathway or near the entrance of a gazebo or storage shack.

4. Post Lights

Post lights are usually driven into the ground next to the edge of the driveway. They are very versatile in colour, style, and features.

What Outdoor Lighting Experts think of LED Driveway Lights

LED driveway lights are crucial to a lighting system and the overall design scheme.

Your landscape lighting system doesn’t have to be completed in one session, but you should consider all areas that need illumination and a full design concept, just in case you want additions later.

If you have any questions about LED driveway lights, fill out this form and a lighting expert from Lightscapes will get back to you right away.

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