5 Ideas for Lighting Up Your Front Porch

I always have to say when people come over, “This is my house.” I want them walking in and seeing something that says welcome. This all has a practical purpose too because the lighting gets into our living room windows so it’s nice having some pretty lights on the outside of the place as well. The rest we can get at any time! Happy decorating!

Candles and Lanterns

I do a large outdoor display of candles every year on Halloween, but also use them during the summer months to bring in some warmth after dark or even just as an evening centerpiece when it’s cool outside (and out-of-doors can be very warm). You don’t have to spend hundreds at once either; go small with mini tea lights from Dollar Tree that last longer than larger wicks/candle holders ever could! They look great too if you put several together around one table area. And they burn really well outdoors since there is no airflow needed like indoors — meaning no flicker which many people dislike anyway…plus not having smoke inside helps keep allergies down this time of year!


If someone has their own firework displays set aside each season then these are usually much better quality fireworks made by companies who care about safety rather than mass-produced ones sold next door only because big box stores sell ‘em cheap. But we used to always get our family member’s friends over with theirs so everyone would light off all sorts & sizes of sparklers into dusk while drinking wine under stars until sunrise.

Solar Lights

The solar-powered fairy garden-type things available online were perfect years ago for bringing back memories of childhood nights spent looking through starry skies wondering what was beyond those bright dots burning away behind nightfall clouds. Of course, now anyone owning such devices knows how easy electricity makes everything possible including making little tiny globes glow brightly enough to read books without getting headaches trying!! So my husband wanted something similar for his place where he lives alone…so why pay $400+ plus shipping fees etc? We ended up using LED strings instead…(you buy multiple strands separately here …then plug them directly into outlets along the wall near the house entryway so kids walk right past glowing bulbs)…they’re super cute and cost less per bulb unit vs traditional string lamps though sometimes need replacing more often due to wear.

Outdoor Lanterns

I’ve seen plenty done both indoor and OUTSIDE…but most DIY projects tend to involve building wooden frames which seem pretty impractical compared to buying readymade versions found locally in hardware store windows.

Other Items

I like to hang my wind chime in the tree and it sounds nice when they chime so there is always something happening. This also helps you weed out what colour/shape fits best with that particular part of town or neighbourhood. If this doesn’t work well where you live (I don’t know if NYC has too many trees?) then stick around long enough until one does suit up close by… 🙂 Hang them higher than knee level – usually about shoulder height works fine, hanging above head height allows more sound from every direction as opposed to just straight down. Choose an inexpensive size, find a hanging spot near water like a waterfall. Lastly, you can keep changing their positions & shapes depending upon the season!

Leave your lighting ideas in the comments below!

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