6 Ideas for Patio Lights: Transform Your Ontario Backyard

Whether it’s a backyard-intimate dinner for two or an outdoor celebration for hundreds, patio lights are a crucial component of any evening event in the open air.

It is essential to think about all senses when designing your outdoor entertainment space; by playing with the five human senses, you can establish a memorable atmosphere rather than just a ‘nice backyard’. Lights can provoke emotion through sight, and your patio furniture and decorations can bring emphasis to touch and smell.

You can use lighting in many ways, including hanging lanterns, waterfall features, patio lights, framing sculptures, etc. Before you consider what you like and dislike, assessing the property you’re trying to brighten is crucial.

Assessing the property doesn’t stop at the outdoor space or backyard. Since we believe outdoor lighting is an extension of your interior, it should be as seamless as the lighting inside your house.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for stylish and useful patio lights for your Ontario backyard since we have a few favourites.

3 Modern Patio Lights for your Backyard

Simple Candle Lanterns

A candle lantern is a lovely way to provide lighting to a patio space. Simple ones made of black metal look fantastic arranged in groups along a pathway or used alone as a table centrepiece. We recommend sourcing several sizes of lanterns that are slightly different in style but still match.

Unique Pathway Lights

Even though you’re dressing up your patio space, you still want to have illumination around your backyard. Using abstract fixtures for pathway lighting is a great way to include your style practically.

Geometric Outdoor Lights

Geometric fixtures for patio lights make a great statement. Consider a dangling glass pendant or a caged light fixture to centre your patio space. By having soft illumination throughout your backyard and a focal point on your patio, you can divide the space and elongate it.

3 Ways to Illuminate Your Patio Space and Backyard

Dimmable Lighting

Change the tone of the atmosphere with dimmable patio lights; have low lighting for cozy nights in the backyard or a bright illumination for lively evening gatherings. Hanging fixtures, wall fixtures, pathway lights, etc., can all be used as dimmable lights.

Hardscape Lighting for Patios, Decks & Structures

There are a few ways to light your patio hardscape or the surrounding structures in your backyard. You can use uplights near stone garden beds, in-stair lighting, or post lights for your deck. If you strategically place them, they will bring life to your nightscape.

Layer Lighting

Layer lighting ideas and light fixtures to create depth. In addition to your patio lights, try the ‘moonlight’ effect by placing tiny directional lights in a nearby tree. It will mimic the natural glow of the moon and will complement the soft glow around your backyard. You can also layer lighting by using several fixtures around the whole outdoor space, like the video below.

Lightscapes 5 from Lightscapes Canada on Vimeo.

Your Ontario Backyard is Complete with Patio Lights

We hope the Lightscapes team sparked some creative ideas for your patio lights and backyard space. Our landscape lighting gallery includes our custom lightscape projects and is an excellent source of inspiration.

We’re always excited to hear about landscape lighting projects and out-of-the-box ideas: if you want to discuss a patio or backyard transformation, we offer complimentary consultations.

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