8 Home Trends for Outdoor Living Spaces & Backyards – 2023

If you’re not an outdoor enthusiast in Canada, you typically spend the winters indoors. For creatives and many homeowners, this is when artistic ambitions flourish. Many of Lightscapes’ outdoor lighting projects are thought of and planned during the winter months, so they’re ready to come to life for the warm seasons.

During the pandemic, record-high interior renovations and room transformation content took over social media. With everyone confined indoors, common projects were home offices, entertainment spaces, and redecorating for added comfort.

If you’re someone who participated in the interior design craze, your backyard might be lacking in love. Reimagining an outdoor space or backyard can be a thrilling experience that leaves the property feeling revitalized and full of energy, all through simple design changes or colour swatches.

We say that 2023 will be the year of focusing on landscaping and outdoor projects. Oddly enough, interior design experts predict nature and simple bohemian themes for 2023 interiors.

1. Statement Wall Lights

Statement light fixtures have always been prominent in homes of creators, but the trend has been slowly emerging into the mainstream. Instead of filling the interior walls with art pieces or decorations, homeowners are relying on light to fill a space.

The illumination is a filler, but the fixture is the grand statement.

Homeowners have been taking this trend to their outdoor spaces and exterior walls. The floor-to-ceiling bar lights and circular-moon fixtures have been most popular in 2022, but we’re excited to see how creative outdoor wall lights will be by the summer of 2023.

2. Wickerwork Patio Furnishings

With interior design themes centred around nature, classic bohemian finishes, and earthy colour tones, it’s no surprise that wickerwork furniture is making a comeback.

As people focus on pieces and furniture that convey a message and sculpt a sustainable statement in the design market, wickerwork products provide both sleek status and an ecologically sound ethos. It’s making a name for itself from high-end to the high street.

Wickerwork even has Andre Kazimierski, founder and CEO at Improovy Painters St Louis, onboard – purely because its chic material is low-maintenance.

It’s a light and airy sort of furniture that makes it ideal for warm climates. It’s also extremely easy to maintain and is durable enough to last outdoors. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.

3. Cork Flooring for Sunrooms

Forget the connotations of orange cork tiles from the 1970s; cork flooring is back and more desirable than it’s ever been.

Being sustainable and keeping expenses low is on everyone’s mind; the cork flooring trend checks both boxes. Harvesting cork is more sustainable than other materials as cork oak trees have a lifespan of 500 years; they can produce roughly 50 (or more) harvests in their lifetime.

Cork has natural thermal properties, which will help heat insulation, plus it resists mold, insects, and mildew – making it the perfect flooring for a sunroom (although UV can fade the colour over time).

But this trend isn’t only emerging because of sustainability. Cork is non-slip, cushiony, but not fragile, and well – it had a glow-up from the ’70s. Instead of obnoxious orange tones, you can choose warm earth tones or even have the cork painted or stained.

4. Glazed Exterior Tiles

Glazing exterior tiles – isn’t for the weak-hearted. This 2023 home trend will make or break your outdoor entertainment space/backyard.

Yes, glazed tiles are traditionally for kitchens and bathrooms, but bringing this home hack to the outdoors will surely liven up the whole property. This edgy finish also has several advantages, such as durability, low maintenance requirements, and a service life of more than 150 years.

If you were dreaming of a feature wall or feature piece, here is your sign!

5. Over The Top Outdoor Lighting

Remember the days of segregating materials and designs? Plants, wicker, and earth tones were strictly for outdoor spaces. Statement lighting, comfy furniture, and bold colours were to accent interiors.

Now, we mix and play with all materials and design elements, especially lighting. Wall fixtures are taking over, but that’s not to say it’s the only lux lighting homeowners are craving.

With short daylight hours during winter in Ontario, homeowners must consider landscape lighting. It improves the home’s value, increases security and safety, plus it allows you to enjoy the outdoors throughout the evening.

Although for 2023 – residents aren’t just looking for a lighting system; they want over-the-top lighting fixtures and schemes. We’re talking Lucerna Nichetto outdoor lamps, Sonneman outdoor flush mounts, and Quoizel hanging lights.

Looking to transform your Ontario property with landscape lighting? Contact Lightscapes for a complimentary consultation. Lightscapes specializes in all types of landscape lighting projects, including upgrades to current outdoor light systems.

6. Curved Furniture

Reputable global furniture manufacturers emphasize rounded shapes and smooth curved lines in their latest collections. This major furniture trend took off in 2022, and experts predict its impact will last throughout 2023.

Pieces with unusual silhouettes give the home a distinctive appearance while maintaining an organic and comfortable feel. You can soften a space with rounded chairs and curved art pieces – indoors or outdoors.

7. Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t necessarily a design choice, but its impact on interior design, home value, and social praise are massive. Younger generations like Millennials and Generation Z are entering the real estate and retail market; their purchasing power is so impactful its shaping demands.

To be considered a luxury real estate property, your home must include environmentally-friendly elements like LEED certification, LED lighting, vegetable gardens, solar panels, etc. We can thank millennials for this subliminal requirement.

In terms of design and decorating – people find joy in name-dropping local artists and innovative materials. Whether it’s for integrity or social praise – it’s not for us to debate, but people want to be included in progression and morally-based purchases. So, either way, sustainable and local items are currently trending.

To be fair, these products typically have texture in mind, plus they emphasize a natural concept – which, as we mentioned, will be a trending theme for homes.

8. Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

In prior years, homeowners were focused on developing workstations, expanded rooms, and indoor spas, as they couldn’t enjoy these outlets due to the pandemic. We awaited a surge in travel, events, and an immediate return to normal life, but after the restrictions – we didn’t see a dramatic change.

In reality, people fell in love with their homes and being well at home; a priority in developing outdoor entertainment spaces for family gatherings, events, and socializing emerged. “Homeowners are putting more investment into their exterior spaces than ever before,” says Jean Brownhill, founder of Sweeten.

We’re seeing outdoor kitchens, expanded seating, sunrooms that mime living rooms, fireplaces, sound systems, etc.; homeowners are bridging indoor and outdoor designs.

Outdoor Spaces and Backyards Are Taking Over in 2023

Do the 2023 trends for outdoor entertainment spaces and backyards have you reimagining your property? We’re excited to see an influx of outdoor glazed tiled walls!

Another trend our landscape lighting team is watching is the growth of gardens. Tending to a garden picked up in the midst of 2020: modern zen gardens and the ‘garden of Eden’ style are starting to emerge in the mainstream. To say the least, our design team is already developing unique lighting arrangements to complement this approach.

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