A Landscape Lighting Guide by Lightscape Experts

If you ask a landscape lighting company when is the ideal time to begin a new outdoor project for your property, they could tell you that any time is a good time! Like most landscape lighting companies, Lightscapes loves a good challenge, and we are always ready to bring your vision to life as specialists in efficient lighting designs for properties of all sizes and styles.

However, many homeowners want a reminder – or perhaps some inspiration – to schedule the improvements they wish to incorporate into their property. This is logical with many facets of owning a property that requires year-round maintenance. Life’s extra duties might make it difficult to know whether it’s time to invest in something you want or need.

So, if you’re a homeowner wondering when is the ideal time to start a landscape lighting project or what are the indications that your property needs improvement–keep reading!

Lifestyle Enhancements and Changes

People often start projects to enhance their lifestyle; is there something missing from your property that can positively affect your everyday life?

Say you’re a person who loves hosting, but you don’t have the space to accommodate large indoor parties–developing an outdoor entertainment area could be a great solution.

Outdoor entertainment areas can be as simple as purchasing patio furniture and installing outdoor lights to divide and soften the space. But, of course, they can be as grand and complex as you like.

Listing Your House

A clear sign that you should consider property upgrades is that you’re planning to sell your house. Improving the home’s outdoor space can increase the curb appeal and overall worth. Landscape lighting is a profitable investment, and many prospective buyers look for the feature.

Expanding Your Family

If you have kids, you recognize their influence on every part of life, including house design. Consult a landscape lighting specialist if you’re concerned about your children’s safety or comfort outside your house; they’ll know what sorts of projects are safe and practical for families with children.

Expecting families typically inquire about deck lights or illuminating the pool area to lessen the chance of falls or injuries.

Winter is Approaching

When you reside in Ontario, it’s pretty clear that the winter months can cause trouble for landscape projects because there are freezing temperatures and snow to consider. While it is possible to install outdoor lighting in the winter, dry weather is ideal.

Use the dropping temperature as a reminder to start planning your project. Working the kinks out during winter means installation can happen once weather permits.

4 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Landscape Lighting Project

With any home renovation project, research and planning are key: having safeguards and expectations in place will reduce unfavourable surprises.

Before you pick up the phone or start browsing the net for a landscape lighting company, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Is my design accurate to the scale of my property?

That question might sound odd, but truth be told, many homeowners’ outdoor lighting ideas don’t accurately reflect their property size. In some scenarios, they flood their backyard with lights, and others would have dark spots due to poor coverage.

Yes, a professional designer will catch these oversights, but if you’re not familiar with the scale of your property, it could lead to financial surprises or disappointment over design changes.

2. What are the goals for my outdoor lights?

Having a well-lit outdoor entertainment space is a goal, and ultimately, it’s the only goal you need to start contacting landscape lighting companies, but if you give the project more thought, others might come to mind.

  • Do you have a garden you want to show off?
  • Is safety a top priority to you?
  • Are you concerned about wildlife?
  • Does your home have features like a deck, pool, or art pieces you want to illuminate?

3. Will my outdoor lights affect wildlife or my neighbours?

Homeowners should ask themselves this question, but they shouldn’t be afraid of the answer.

Like many communities in Southern Ontario, residents share the land with wildlife, and sightings aren’t uncommon (unless you’re in a major city like Toronto). If this is true for your property, you should give your landscape lighting team a heads-up. Specific colours are welcoming to animals; with notice, your professional design team can plan around this.

Light pollution is always a top priority when installing outdoor lighting systems; working with a company like Lightscapes means you don’t have to worry about upsetting your neighbours or contributing to pollution.

Although, if you do have a pesky neighbour, again, be honest with your team so they can be considerate and plan around all factors.

4. Do I need any other upgrades to my backyard or property?

Before spending a great deal of time and money on your landscape lighting project, make accurate projections of your property. Lighting systems can always be upgraded, changed, or reworked to fit your layout and style, but why double-spend when it’s unnecessary?

Installing an in-ground pool, redoing your deck, and adding or removing greenery can greatly affect your landscape lighting. If those are already on your mind, it might be best to execute them first.

5 Quick Tips for Landscape Designing

  1. Design the layout of the outdoor entertainment space around sun and wind patterns.
  2. Spend a great deal of time outdoors before making commitments.
  3. Look at the view of the front porch and backyard through the windows of your house.
  4. Don’t keep all ideas inside your head; make lists and mood boards that you can share with your contractors.
  5. Ask contractors and designers about additional expenses and ongoing maintenance related to your landscaping ideas.

Starting a Landscape Lighting Project with Lightscapes

What sets Lightscapes apart from other landscape lighting companies in Ontario?

Without question or mention, there is always an appreciation of natural elements and consideration of environmental factors when developing our lighting systems. Our team has over 20 years of experience, and our continued success is directly related to our strong client relationships.

You’re partnering with a local company trusted by Southern Ontario residents when you work with Lightscapes for a landscape lighting project.

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