How to Design the Perfect Garden to Go With Your Lightscapes Lighting

When creating the best garden to go with your Lightscapes Lighting, you want to make sure you feel at-home in it. One that makes you happy and comfortable. Gardens that look good are a definite want but a garden that feels good? Thats a must! Follow these 6 steps to help you create the perfect garden landscape.

Pick the Right Flowers

Some of the best garden designs include many different types of perennials, flowering plants, seasonal bulbs, and long-blooming annuals. But before you go off to buy your plants and flowers, make sure you do your research first. Find out which plants grow best in your climate and region. Look at the different textures and colours to make sure they vibe with the look you want to go for.

Create a Comfort Zone with Flowers and Lightscapes Lighting

Plants and flowers can do so much more for you than just sitting around looking pretty. With the right plants and the right colours, you can add so much comfort to your garden. You can use large perennials or grasses to make a sort of plant-privacy wall, or maybe something taller like a tree, to use as shade. Combining these with your Lightscapes Lighting, will help you create the perfect landscape!

Garden Art

This is where it gets fun! There are truly no limits when it comes to garden art. Whether it’s bird houses, painted rocks, or painting old tires a pretty colour, you will have a ton of fun up-cycling old items and turning them into something beautiful. Even if you don’t have any of your own ideas, if you take a quick browse through Pinterest, you’re bound to find a ton of ideas!

Don’t Slip

When thinking about outdoor stairways and steps, make sure they ascend gracefully and gently. Make sure that any paving that you put in is secured and avoid slippery surfaces at all costs. Especially if you live in a rainy climate. Also consider going with gravel if you want something simple. Don’t forget to slope your paths slightly to keep water from pooling on them.

Look Up

One of our favourite garden features: Archways. There is nothing more beautiful than an archway or arbor with vines or flowers growing all up the side and over top. They feel almost magical and add a fairy-like beauty to any garden landscape. Remember when setting up an archway, to make sure the posts of it are a few inches outside of your stairway or pathway. You also want them to have enough room to walk through and then some.

Don’t Stress

Remember not to take it too seriously. It’s important to experiment, be creative, and just have fun with creating your dream garden. You don’t always have to do everything by the book. Break a couple rules and mix it up a bit!

Well there you have it! Take some of our ideas, mix them in with a few of yours, and you’ll be on the right track. We hope to see some of our Lightscapes Lighting alongside your beautiful gardens in the future!

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