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5 Reasons to Invest in Landscape Lighting

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Outdoor lighting may seem like a feature that's only used for extravagant homes or massive properties, but that is a misconception. Landscape lighting is a rising trend among homeowners. Adding lighting to your property/yard can increase the value of your home plus it has several other purposes.

Here are the top 5 benefits of investing in landscape lighting:

1. Landscape lighting is beautiful all year round.

A warm climate isn’t necessary to fully enjoy an outdoor lighting system. When the nights become long and navigation becomes a bit more tricky, you will be thankful you have extra lighting around your property.

Lightscapes pays careful attention to illumination, our team will never take away from stargazing or create pollution.

If you have a cottage, it’s ideal for fires and outdoor fun. Visually, it will enhance the vibrancy of the autumn colours and flowers blooming in spring. The LED lights are weather resistant, so there is no concern for take-down/setup.

Light systems actually create motivation to spend time outdoors and host gatherings.

Landscape Lighting during Winter in Ontario

2. Outdoor lighting increases security.

Having illumination around your home and property can deter intruders from entering your yard. If someone is brave enough to approach, they can easily be seen and will have less places to hide. That gives you the time to call the appropriate authorities or come up with an action plan.

Cottage lighting is especially popular because the same method works for animals.

Increased visibility is helpful to several people including children, elderly, and the visually impaired. Fixtures like pathway lights or deck lights, will help guide guests and ensure a safe return to their vehicles or back inside.

Property Lighting System by Lightscapes in Ontario

3. A lighting scheme can revitalize an outdated yard.

An itch for change can happen no matter how much you love your home or cottage. Landscape lighting is a perfect solution to fill your creative void as it’s easy to install and can be fully customized.

Working with a professional team like Lightscapes relieves you of the hassle and will further your vision. Our design team are experts in the industry. We prioritize our clients' dream outcome while making helpful recommendations along the way.

If done properly, a minimalist yard can look carefully designed and meticulously maintained. A maximalism landscape full of shrubs, accents, and features can become a cohesive look.

A lighting system can be as ostentatious or simplistic as you like.

Pathway Lights by Lightscapes in Ontario

4. Lighting systems can be fully customized.

When planning a lighting scheme there are a lot of variables to consider. Such as, the design outcome you want to achieve, the type of fixtures, what effects you prefer, how much the lights illuminate, as well as its purpose.

In terms of design, there are different schemes you can achieve just like any interior concept, office arrangement, etc. A few common schemes are modern, simplistic, artsy or abstract arrangements. Lightscapes will always provide their portfolio during a consultation so you can grasp the different trends.

Fixtures and features come in all different shapes and sizes. They’re used for specific purposes as well. A few different types are uplights, deck lights, sumbersize lights, well lights, etc. Another benefit of working with a professional is they can explain where each fixture is best placed and what type of effect they will illuminate.

Effects shouldn't be overlooked either. Moonlights mimic the natural moonlight: they are hidden in trees or high-up hard to see places. Hardscape lights reflect onto solid materials and create a spotlight. Each element must be carefully thought out as it will impact the ambiance.

Purple Pool Lights by Lightscapes in Ontario

5. Enhance Property Value and Curb Appeal.

A polished lighting system looks stunning in photos/videos. It easily captures the attention of viewers and encourages them to engage with the marketing material. Most importantly, it increases your home’s overall value.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, 41% of potential buyers rate outdoor lighting as an essential quality for their desired home, and 49% rated it as a desirable quality.

With more and more people wanting to spend time outdoors, to grow their own food (51% of Canadians grew at least one type of fruit/vegetable in 2020) or wanting to host events in their backyard — you will have an edge on the real estate competition.

Lighting systems can be upgraded, additions can be made, or features can be removed. If your lighting design is personable to your style, it will be easy for the next homeowner to add their own touch.

Patio Lighting Design by Lightscapes in Ontario

The Art of Illumination

Lightscapes’ success has been built on our strong relationships created with clients and the ongoing customer service we provide.

Covering Southern Ontario, Lightscapes uses the art of illumination to create a naturally—balanced nightscape for you to enjoy. Using our experience and artistry, we will design a lighting system for you that showcases your home and landscape.

Your property will come alive at night with its very own custom lightscape.

If you're ready to transform your outdoor space with a lighting system, fill out our online consultation request form and a rep from our team will reach out to you right away.

Outdoor Lighting on a Mansion by Lightscapes in Ontario