6 Curb Appeal Projects That Increase Home Value

Owning a home comes with several advantages, the most considerable being: you can let your creative flair run free.

Introducing your personality throughout a property can be limited when you’re renting. There are guidelines to follow and a property manager to answer to.

Letting your imagination run wild can be enticing and thrilling, especially with your first home. Although, purchasing a property is an investment.

Quite a large one, as we all know.

When you’re considering renovations, keep in mind that they should bring a return on


Covering your home in a bold colour may represent your artistic sense, but will you have to

repaint it when you plan to sell it?

Renovation costs inflate like any other service. It may seem like a small price to add personality now, but it’s hard to say how that price will differ in several years.

Purchasing to own isn’t the only option: flipping is increasingly popular.

When flipping, strategic decisions are crucial: making curb appeal the perfect element to focus on.

Here are six curb appeal projects that offer a return on your investment and also allow creative freedom.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Yes, painting the exterior of your home will add personality and increase value, but you can be innovative as well.

Instead of painting the complete exterior of your house, consider the following:

Focus on the trim: Adding a fresh coat to the trim, porch columns, fascia, or windows can brighten the whole house.

Upgrade your fence: A dull fence will dilute the overall appearance of your property. You’re not stuck with shades of brown either; opt for a black, navy or forest green fence.

Only paint outdoor accents: Add a pop of colour to your house number, mailbox, outdoor light fixture, porch floor, or even your stairs. These minor details are prominent to homebuyers and onlookers.

Small, artistic upgrades can be eye-catching while improving profits.

Install an Outdoor Lighting System

41% of potential buyers rate outdoor lighting as an essential quality for their desired home.

Outdoor lighting can leverage the value of a property in two major ways: home security and

home design.

Security and design can go hand in hand.

Pathway lighting provides safe navigation but also sparks a bit of glamour.

Litfad’s aluminum cylinder-shaped pathway lights are a prime example; their sleek shape and modern illumination add luxury while still providing a clear direction.

Lumens’ double-down outdoor wall sconce is another prime example of adding drama while guiding visitors.

Having ample lighting in your entryway/porch is another example;

The Mattix LED Outdoor Wall Sconce provides ample lighting without compromising your style.

● Even when the Solato Outdoor LED Wall Sconce is turned off, it’s a beautiful addition to any space.

In terms of design purposes, it’s an oversight to neglect illumination for exquisite gardens or

well-landscaped areas of your property. Lighting takes it from a standard yard to a cohesive


It adds sophistication yet an element of fun, to outdoor gatherings. Your visitors or potential

buyers will notice this feature immediately.

You’re also neglecting a 20% return on the landscape lighting investment.

Enjoy the evenings in your outdoor space without worrying that the transformation will be


Upgrade Windows

Windows are a focal point of a home’s exterior and interior.

They’re one of the main factors for energy efficiency, overlooking them will cause larger

problems like inefficient heating during the winter.

Sunlight is the most desirable source of lighting; its lovely hue softens surroundings and the

brightness can give the illusion of a larger space.

These points alone summarize the importance of upgraded windows.

Luckily, window replacements and repairs typically have an ROI.

According to Remodelling Magazine, an upscale vinyl window replacement has a return of

73.4% ($16,802 spent on the job brings in a return of $12,332) and an upscale wood window

replacement has a return of 70.8% ($20,526 spent on the job brings in a return of $14,530).

If you’re not in love with your current windows, slowly replacing them will be beneficial in the

long run.

New Siding

A siding project doesn’t sound nearly as glamorous as landscaping or painting, but it can be one of the best ways to see a return on your investment.

New siding can recoup 92.8 percent of its cost, according to Remodelling Magazine.

Granite countertops and a soaker bathtub may draw attention, but homebuyers are more

worried about efficiency and the possible future costs.

Therefore, necessities outweigh luxuries when it comes to home value.

Siding can be a lower cost improvement.

While it depends where you live, opting for vinyl siding can save you over $1,000 for every

$1,250 square foot.

It’s extremely low maintenance compared to other materials like wood or brick.

Front Door Makeover

A front door seems like a minor detail, but extravagant doors can enrapture visitors.

Who doesn’t recall a time they walked up to a home with a bright yellow door or could barely pull it open because of its weight?

More importantly, it provides a sense of security and warmth.

When you open a flimsy door, the first thought is “wow, someone can easily break-in”. The secondary thought is, “I wonder what the draft is like”.

Whether a personal visitor or a potential buyer is walking through the door, you want a lasting first impression.

Your front door makeover can be a statement of your character and a key selling point at the same time.

Replace The Gutters

If your gutters have peeling paint and rusted spots, consider replacing or repairing the system before you sell. The same goes for soffit and fascia.

The eyesores take away from the aesthetics of the home.

Furthermore, an old system can cause water damage and mildew buildup.

Gutters in poor condition will not redirect the rain flow off of the roof properly, which means water can back up under the shingles and leak inside.

Nobody wants the hassle of water damage restoration and removing mildew.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

From custom outdoor lighting to replacing your gutter system, increasing the value of your home through curb appeal projects can be as simple or imaginative as you’d like.

More importantly, it can improve the quality of life.

Among homeowners who invest in curb appeal, 75% say they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project and 59% say they have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home.

Don’t save the curb appeal improvements for when you’re about to sell, start them while you’re still enjoying your house.

If you’re looking for a custom outdoor lighting transformation, Lightscapes would be happy to quote on your vision.

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