LED Landscape Lighting: 5 Ideas for Pool Lights

If you own a swimming pool, it can feel like you’re halfway to having a five-star resort in your backyard. Why not complete that dream and create your oasis? You can transform your property by illuminating the area around your pool and highlighting backyard features.

Lightscapes specializes in reinventing outdoor spaces through the art of illumination. After installing LED lights, you will feel like you’re on vacation every time you step into your backyard.

Another benefit of pool lights: they look lovely from inside your house. Take a bland view of your property and turn it into a spectacular nighttime sight.

But, it’s not all about beauty and creating a desirable outdoor space. Safety is a top priority for outdoor/inground pools. A dark or shadowed pool area is unsafe; even if you don’t have kids or pets.

Luckily for pool lights, you don’t have to sacrifice design for safety.

Illuminating Your Backyard Around the Pool Area

The best way to improve your outdoor living space is with low-voltage lighting that conserves energy and softly illuminates landscaping features.

Soft but effective lighting on the pathways leading to your pool, on steps and near your patio will allow you to safely maneuver around your yard without tripping over things such as planter boxes, shrubs and furniture.

Plus, when lights shine into the branches of trees or onto your beautiful garden, it gives them a sculptural quality.

All in all, outdoor lighting will always draw you to your outdoor space, even if you’re not in the mood to swim.

Around the Pool Lighting Idea #1: Pool Deck Lighting

The pool isn’t just for swimming; a lot of activity happens around the pool: sunbathing, playing games, picnics, etc. Instead of installing above-ground directional lighting, in-ground lights are a terrific method to illuminate the pathway.

Installing in-ground lights for your deck eliminates the worry of guests tripping over the fixtures or damaging fixtures.

Regret your concrete deck? Don’t! There are ways to work around this, like drilling out 5-inch concrete cores for fixtures.

Around the Pool Lighting Idea #2: Light Adjacent Structures

Consider nearby structures like pergolas, arbours, large patio umbrellas, etc. You can still illuminate the pool area, and it’s a more straightforward installation process.

Garden sculptures or a pool house are great options too. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to lighting outdoor structures; a large inventory of light fixtures, various lighting effects, and more choices in the design scheme.

Dimmable lighting can make a huge difference. Be sure to discuss this with your professional landscape lighting team.

Around the Pool Lighting Idea #3: Consider Lanterns, Fire Features, or Torches

LED lights are often used for outdoor lighting, but don’t feel restricted to just that. Add creativity and dimension to your backyard by incorporating outdoor features like a fire pit, tiki torches, large vintage lanterns with candles, etc.

Bring the dominant styling choices around your home into your outdoor space; the two areas should feel connected.

Lightscapes has an award-winning professional design team dedicated to outdoor lighting. Our passion fuels our artistic abilities; we’re always looking for out-of-the-box projects.

Add Lights to Your Outdoor/Inground Swimming Pool

For in-ground pools, one or two substantial lights are built into the wall to illuminate the water for evening swimming, usually at the deep and shallow ends.

Above-ground pools usually have a spot or floodlight that’s fixed to a tree or the home. The built-in lights are still popular, but throughout time, pool lighting has seen major changes.

LED lighting systems, which can turn your pool into an aquatic experience, are all the rage right now, which is more of what we discussed at the beginning. But, you can add LED lights to your pool as well.

LED lights installed under the coping or in pipes embedded in the walls still have many design options. You have a large selection of colours, including a computerized colour wheel that can change the colours throughout the night.

There are also fibre-optic lighting options that can create a starry night effect.

Pool Lighting Idea #1: Have Fun With Colours

Having a colour-changing underwater light is most practical because, as your landscaping changes, you will want the pool lights to be cohesive.

It’s a great feature to utilize if you like to host parties or events.

Colours and lighting have a major impact on mood. Lights with a yellow illumination will have a calming effect that creates a cozy atmosphere. Vibrant colours are associated with entertainment and are more amusing.

Your professional landscape lighting team will steer you in the right direction and remind you what colours jive.

Pool Lighting Idea #2: Incorporate Floating Lights

Floating lights are playful and are great for gatherings, pool days with friends, or pool photoshoots.

They won’t have an everlasting impact on your design or increase property value, like professionally installed outdoor lighting, but they have endless options for colours, designs, shapes, etc. Many online retailers sell floating lights.

Pool Lighting Idea #3: Surface-Mounted Underwater Lights

Surface-mounted underwater lights are favourable because the lights are installed on the surface of the pool’s wall instead of needing a hole drilled. This option is perfect for existing swimming pools.

The lights can be functional, decorative, or both, and some can be removed for the winter.

Placement is everything; it will affect the glow of the lights and how much illumination there is. For subtle lighting, consider placing them farther apart and installing fewer fixtures.

Lightscapes: Professional and Extraordinary Lighting Solutions

Lightscapes will always prioritize your vision for the outdoor space while weighing the realistic pros and cons of the design’s structure and your property’s capabilities.

Our success is built on the strong relationships we’ve created and maintained with our clients; you never have to worry about invasive sales tactics or your stylistic ideas being disregarded.

If having a personal backyard resort sounds appealing to you, we’d be happy to arrange a complimentary consultation and provide a detailed quote on the transformation.

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